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the simplification of revelation™

We are living in the end times.


The signs are escalating every day. The world is in turmoil.
We are on the cusp – right now – of the end of the age.

The Rapure: Will You Be Going Or Staying? 

Pastor Bernard Bourque

How To Have Rest In A World Of Unrest

Pastor Bernard Bourque

Having Certainty In Uncertain Times

Pastor Bernard Bourque

Here at Straight Up Truth Ministry, we are dedicated to the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To the preaching & teaching of His Word far and wide, in a simple, clear, concise, accurate way.

Building and strengthening His body, so to be unified in truth and not be blown and tossed about by every wind of teaching and doctrine.

Pastor Bernard Bourque

MABS-CE from Dallas Theological Seminary

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